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Ultimate guide to Buying Sectional Sofas

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Ultimate guide to Buying Sectional Sofas

Are you shifting to a newly house warmed home? Or do you want a replacement for your years old living room furniture set? If your answer is Yes!, then you should read the blog carefully. If there is one investment on furniture for your living room, that you will never regret is the Sectional sofas. The main reason for this is because, as the name specifies, the sectional sofas are always included with some additional elements such as ottomans, end tables or even headrests. At Furniture Coast to Coast – Your One Stop Online Furniture shop, we meticulously select the best sectional sofas that can be placed customized on your living room. We help you 365 days 24*7 and answer all your queries.

Here are some benefits of sectional sofas over the living room sets and traditional sofas.

Versatility is Sectional Sofas

Unlike the traditional sofas, the sectional sofas are not just a straight furniture. It can be removed and assembled differently according to the person’s taste. This ability to adeptly adapt is the tremendous advantage of sectional sofas over the common living room furniture sets. Irrespective or your living space shape is diagonal, rectangular, square or even circular, you can find the best suitable sectional sofa.

Can fit any space

The versatility of the sectional sofa made it fit any room. If your room is on the smaller size, then you can fit this furniture at the corner of the room and make some space for yourself. This corner placement not only gives you additional space but also creates the illusion of a larger space. At our online furniture shop – Furniture Coast to Coast you can find these sectional sofas in a very large range. We make it our priority to serve the best of bests to you.

Cozy Comfortable Plush

Every couch and sofas are advertised to be very comfortable, by the question here is will they retain the same comfort after longer usage? Many of the common sofas tend to lose their plushness and cozy feeling because of their spring failure or even the bad fabrics in some cases. However not every traditional sofa are like that, there are many many sofas that are durable. But the thing about sectional sofas is that their build quality is made in such a way that they are very durable while providing the utmost comfort to the users. That is the reason behind the sectional attachments, which gives you the power to customize them and place them to aid in your relaxation.

sectional sofa 4Additionally, since they are sectional and come in separate pieces, they are easily transported and simply carryable even inside smaller doors and spaces.

There are many types of Sectional Sofas but the most commonly used are the

L-Shaped Sectional Sofas 

Best for Rectangular, Diagonal, and Square shaped living rooms. Here is a picture of one of our sectional sofas

sectional sofa 3


Corner of the room: Place in such a way one section spans over one adjacent wall and other section of the sofa spans over the other adjacent wall.

Against the wall: This placement looks great for a square & rectangular shaped living room and this placement makes the room look larger because of the perpendicular arrangement.

Centre of the room: This is great for circular and large rooms. Sectional sofas are always fuller because of the additional elements like ottomans and puffs which come along with the sofa. So placing at the center hugely improvises the aesthetics of the living room.

Curved Sectional Sofas 

It is best for all types of rooms added that the rooms must be little larger than usual. Here is a picture of one of our sectional sofassectional sofa 2Placement:

Corner of the room: Two pieces arranged in a U-shape or circular face facing each other is a great plan for living room furniture location.

Against the wall: With additional tables at the space behind both edges of the sectional sofa against the wall would look great for larger rectangular, diagonal or square shaped rooms. This one makes the whole room look luxurious.

Centre of the room: Circular rooms benefit a lot from this placement. This elevates the look of the circular room greatly.

Expert Tip: While hunting for sectional sofas, measure your room size and then map it on a piece of paper. Then with the measurements of the sectional sofas, draw it on the mapped paper and image the proper placement. See how it looks on paper before buying it.

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