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How to Clean furniture? Tips and Hacks

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How to Clean furniture? Tips and Hacks


Did your kid push your drinks on the white carpet? Or Did your pet rubbed off all the mud from outside on your couch? Cleaning their mess is, of course, inevitable for the other family members. While many choose to go with professional cleaners, it is not compulsory to do so. With just a few hacks and tricks any one of us can become a master at cleaning home furniture. Furthermore, the wide range of home cleaning products available in the market will only help you limit additional bucks spent on the professional cleaners. Here are the tips and hacks along with some DIYs to make your home and furniture stain-free.

Cleaning Wooden Furniture:

Wooden furniture is one of the easiest to maintain and clean. However, it is not always sustainable from the scratches and stains. In order to save them from getting stains and scratches use a tablecloth on your coffee tables and use coasters to keep your drinks from spilling off. In case of any spillages, do not worry it is easy to clean furniture off with the following guides on how to clean the specific type of stain respectively.

1. Water Stains:

This is one thing that might irritate every homemaker in every household. By placing a hot or cold drink, the vapor from the hot container or the cold drink’s sweat will cause the round water mark beneath your container’s place. Even after wiping it off the stain will never seem to vanish. To clear these stains apply a pea-sized amount of non-gen toothpaste and wipe off with a clean cloth. For stubborn stains mix equal amount of baking soda and toothpaste and wipe the stain with cloth in circular motions. This will take care of the stains.

2. Scratch Marks:

Using the furniture harshly and placing items like key chains and even any other metal items on it will cause a scratch on the wooden furniture. To clear the scratch, use a walnut to rub the scratch in upward and downward motion fastly to clear the scuff off. Wonder how rubbing a walnut on a scratch will fade it? Well, the natural oils from walnut are great scratch removers. They will smoothen the surface and make the scratches look less abrupt.clean furniture 1

3. Dullness:

Are you feeling that your wooden furniture is not alive anymore and doesn’t look fresh and shining? It is because of the worn out old polish. To make it look good again it is mandatory to clean the top surface with mild soap and a damp cloth. Be sure not to use a wet cloth, a damp one will suffice. Then soak two tea bags in a container with water and use that tea water to gently wipe the surface. The acid in the tea is a natural polisher and will erase the old polishes and gives a shining look to your dull furniture.

4. Regular Maintenance: Maintaining the wooden furniture every now and then will make sure that it lasts much longer. Usually, these wooden pieces of furniture will always have a long life. By maintaining properly you are merely increasing its lifespan. Every month rebuff the wooden surface with a mild emery paper and apply some lemon oil on the top to give a nice shiny look. And before doing so keep in mind to use the above tips to remove any sort of blotch on your furniture. This will make sure to catch your guest’s eyes every time.

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Cleaning Upholstery:  

Upholstery is one piece of furniture that will taunt during every home maintenance day. If you are in a home with kids and pets or just messy adults, then the ordeal of tidying the couches will seem an endless task. However, here are some points to clean furniture viz. your upholstery and maintain it the same.

1. Dust: To have a clean furniture look in your home, dust off the daily dust and debris build-up on the corners and crevices of your upholstery. The folds of the arms of the sofas are the place where a lot of lint build up will happen. So, clean them regularly with a vacuum cleaner. Some adamant dust like pet hairs can be removed with help of a lint roller which can easily remove the lint and small hairs.clean furniture 2

2. Stain Removing: The first lesson in removing stains off your upholstery is to act immediately. When you drop some food or any mishaps happen on your couch, dab the stain first with a high absorbent tissue or cloth. Prevent the stain from reaching the deeper layers of the furniture. Then after removing the dampness use the prescribed cleaning detergent (as given in the tag of the furniture) to clean the stain.

3. Maintenance: Vacuuming twice a month and steam cleaning the upholstery will make sure that it will stay afresh and lasts longer. Having a cover on the sofa will safeguard your costly furniture from getting spoiled. Use these very simple hacks to make your furniture squeaky clean.

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Cleaning Glass, Acrylic and Lucite Furniture:

Glass, acrylic and lucite furniture are the other common pieces of furniture that can be found in the households. These are easiest ones to maintain as they are easy to remove any stains from them. Additionally, some are even stain-proof therefore leaving the user free from any sort of high manpower to clean it. Here are some “clean furniture” guides to make your glass furniture last longer.clean furniture 3

1. Stains: Using a specific glass-cleaning liquid from the market is more than enough to remove the stains from your glass, acrylic and lucite pieces of furniture.

2. Scratches: Using a whitening toothpaste and gently swirling over the scratches will buff the surface and clear the scratches.

3. Maintenance: A basic wiping every now and then with a mild soap is great to maintain these types of furniture.

Therefore, use these wonderful tips and hacks to make your home look great and achieve the dream of getting clean furniture anytime. By this way, you also save some money by doing the cleaning on your own instead of a professional cleaner.

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